Soulbreaker Orb

Rotola, esplode.


Repair: 5
Weapons of mass destruction built in the High First Age by the Solar Exalted through studies of
necrotic Essence vortices in the deep Labyrinth, these devices would certainly qualify as Artifact N/A if
they were not one-use items (and like Artifact N/A artifacts, they should not be available for purchase at
character creation). The weapon appears as a foot-wide sphere of soulsteel encased in an outer sphere of
smoky quartz. Starmetal pegs riveted to the crystal hold a dozen concentric orichalcum rings set so that
they can rotate freely in separate axes of movement. To arm a soulbreaker orb, the user must touch it and
spend 50 motes (uncommitted), then position all 12 rings in the correct orientation (Intelligence + Lore,
diffi culty 3). The devices can be set for any time delay from one second upward, so theoretically, they could
wait millennia or more before detonating. Disarming an armed soulbreaker is far more diffi cult, requiring
that the technician cut through crystal paneling (20B/20L soak; 100 health levels of damage required)
and then break key connections (Wits + Lore, diffi culty 7; each failure halves the remaining time before
detonation, while a botch triggers the weapon).
When the time elapses, the orb levitates, and the rings all begin spinning and accelerating as a low
keening emits from the soulsteel. In a matter of seconds, the artifact shatters and implodes, creating a vortex
of golden light and singing shadows that stretches out to fi ll a fi ve-mile radius. An Essence roll (diffi culty
3) must be made for every living being in that area who does not immediately use a perfect parry or perfect
soak Charm in defense (or some form of perfect dodge that completely removes them from the area).
Those who fail die instantly, and any fractured ghosts they leave behind have at least one derangement
and only a single dot of each Virtue and Willpower. (Hungry ghosts rise normally, and typically in large
numbers.) Those who succeed might survive, but they suffer 20 levels of aggravated damage, soaked with
their (Willpower + Essence). This damage is entirely spiritual and leaves no actual mark. Beings simply
writhe in agony as the vortex fl ays their souls. Because it is mathematically impossible for Essence 1 beings
to pass the initial roll, no roll should be made for them. Every plant, animal and mortal in the area of effect
dies. As a rough estimate, if the vortex kills more than 500 sentient beings, a shadowland will almost
certainly form in the area when the sun next sets.
Fortunately for the inhabitants of the Second Age, only one soulbreaker orb defi nitively survived
the Great Contagion, and this was deployed by the Seventh Legion against the Sixth and Ninth Imperial
Legions, earning grim victory at the price of creating the large shadowland known as the Mourning Fields.
Lookshy has never confi rmed or denied whether it has other soulbreaker orbs in its arsenals, though the
very possibility has gone a long way to deterring further Realm invasions.


Soulbreaker ha avuto un passato molto travagliato, i suoi genitori sono morti uccisi dai pirati. Lui ora è un tipo silenzioso ed ha messo su qualche kilo ma ha un attacco potentissimo e può oneshottare tutti e questo gli dà un grande spessore culturale.

Soulbreaker Orb

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