Wong Bongerok

Censore Celeste del Sud


Wiki Description

Wong Bongerok is widely known as a scandalmonger and meddler with a wide entourage of informers obtained through blackmail and intimidation. He is also currently taking bribes from Amoth City-Smiter and is having a great deal of difficulty controlling or influencing the Court of Orderly Flame. His predecessor, Swan Dragon, held the position of Censor of the South before the Great Contagion and was much more widely respected than Wong Bongerok is.


La sua manse si trova 2000 miglia a sud di Paragon e si chiama Corbat Prandil, รจ la manse ufficiale del censore del sud, contiene tutto il loot dello Content Not Found: swan-dragon. Conosciamo la posizione precisa comunicataci da Koshi.


Wong Bongerok

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