Heartstone: Stone of Higher Authority


It grants a +5 bonus the bearer’s effective Appearance (to a maximum rating of 10 or Essence +5, whichever is higher), including when Linguistics is substituted for Appearance in Written Social Attacks.

allora si fa +2 aspetto fisso e i rimanenti +3 attivabili singolarmente committando 1 moto per ogni dot di aspetto in piĆ¹.


This stone is a perfect sphere of white crystal covering a smaller perfect sphere of brilliant gold at its heart that can only be seen clearly when the light of essence flows through it in attunement.

Up from that heart spread veins of gold shimmering in an ideal symmetry from every angle of view to draw in the eye of beholders.

This hearthstone blesses its chosen bearer with a fraction of the divine beauty and perfection it represents. Not a frivilous beauty as is seen in the faces and works of mortals, but a purposeful beauty that is weilded as a tool of those on higher up.

Heartstone: Stone of Higher Authority

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