Manse 1, Solar


This spherical, blood-red hearthstone is unusual
in that using it involves giving it away. When the
owner makes a bargain, treaty or other agreement
with another person, he can give that person the
oathstone as a token of the deal. The stone enforces
the bargain exactly like the Eclipse Caste anima power
(see p. 127), except that neither party needs
Exalted, to pay any Essence to seal the oath. If either party
breaks the agreement, he horribly botches one of her
next vitally important rolls. In addition, both parties
instantly know that the agreement has been broken. If
the agreement is broken, mutually dissolved or simply
concludes naturally, the stone instantly reappears in
its rightful owner’s possession. Also, even after giving
the stone away, the giver regains Essence from it as if
she still carried it.



Il Crepuscolo degli Dei GiuseppeTroina Bolza